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Adam Kaźmierczak
Adam Kaźmierczak

Projects, strategic investments, optimizations, process creation and packaging are my passion. True! Each subsequent challenge is an opportunity to do something new, innovative and distinctive among many other solutions. Each project is the opportunity to improve or implement new production, logistics and those affecting customer behavior. Packaging is one of the most important elements of marketing strategies, but also one of the most important and difficult challenges of our World! We need to know how to adapt them, what materials to use and design them so that they have the least negative impact on the environment, in line with the idea of sustainable development. And this is a broad view that I present in my action, from start to finish planning the life cycle of the package – end to end.

I conduct extensive project management activities, mainly but not only related to the packaging area. A large part of them are investment projects, where it is crucial to accurately design each element starting with the selection of technologies, determine the crew, calculate the efficiency of the plant and define the entire implementation plan. Each component is important for the final result, so it is especially important to manage full, complex scope in a professional way. 

Other projects are based on materials, structures or packaging technologies themselves. It is important to define key parameters, dimensions, strength, or permeability. One of the most important elements is also to reduce negative impact we may have on the environment. When we talk about a professional approach to the issue, we need to know this early in design.

Every business needs a different look at its activities to optimize costs, review processes or internal rules. In my career, I have been involved in changes to the mode of action, implementing new solutions and, crucially, defining and introducing large-scale savings projects of millions of EURs. Savings and optimizations are part of business life and offer a chance to introduce new solutions to the whole organism.

I am a graduate of the Warsaw Higher School of Management in the field of Business Management. I gained my packaging knowledge both in practice and during postgraduate studies at RIT – Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA.

Over the course of more than twenty years of my professional work, I have developed innovative technologies and solutions, packaging used in the field of production and copacking. I have worked directly with local and central Marketing structures providing solutions for food market leaders and animal food (Mars) as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical (Colgate – Palmolive). Together with the Engineering Department I defined and approved new technology lines, machines and equipment, linear solutions and process optimizations.

In my career in these international organisations, I managed at several organisations on European level – Packaging department, Investment and Strategic Projects department and Copacking Department, setting a long-term strategy, as well as ensuring providing the highest quality solutions for chocolate, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and animal food products.  It was an excellent experience and challenge in innovation, strategy, optimization and eco-friendly projects. Working with me, you have the opportunity to use this knowledge and competence.

Adam Kaźmierczak. ATK packpro.