Outsourcing and interim management

Outsourcing is seen primarily as a necessity to commission other tasks unrelated to the Company’s operations. This happens in services, production, sales or the promotional industry. The same possibilities are in the scope of project preparation, management, implementation and modification of current solutions.

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to focus on the mainstream of your own business and outsource special tasks to those who are prepared to do so and have the right knowledge. Many times project is postponed due to lack of time, shortage of staff and equally often – lack of appropriate experience.

Entrusting me with tasks in the field of packaging development, project management, supplier management or implementation of new solutions – you can reduce your own cost, be certain of meeting the deadline and, what may be the most important – be sure to gain a broader view on a given area, and  have the opportunity to introduce innovations so necessary for business development . I give you a chance to approach the task differently, showing opportunities where they may not have been tested yet.

Outsourcing and temporary management is also a chance to act quickly in urgent situations. A longer absence of an employee can happen, but know you can be prepared for it, by knowing that there is someone who can help quickly. Cooperation with me also gives many opportunities. I am ready to provide support in a wide range of activities. Starting with project management, optimization of current solutions, sourcing projects through the team management and organization changes. I went through all these areas myself in my career, I know what to do.

A solution that is good for the company and provides support and continuation of necessary development can be found in every situation. I am ready to talk and determine the best method of operation.

Effectively, confidently and with the best result for your business.

Adam Kaźmierczak