Pro environmental solutions

From all sides, we get information about the harmful effects of plastic, the need to reduce emissions and live more “less waste”. All this is extremely important because of our environment now, but even more important for the future, that is, our impact on what will remain for the next generations.

Eco-friendly and conscious solutions include reducing the weight of packaging placed on the market, changing materials, using natural resources or, which is becoming increasingly popular – introducing reusable packaging.

In my career, I focus primarily on the first three areas; due to the specificity of the industry. Changing specifications, reducing weight, and introducing less energy-intensive packaging has resulted in several hundred thousand kilograms of reduction of packaging materials. 

Most kinds of toothpaste do not have corrugated shipping containers. How is it possible?

In order not to impact the logistics of the packaging, all elements of the “packaging-product mix” should be taken into account. By analysing the strength of individual packaging, adjusting the parameters of the collective foil and specific arrangement on a pallet, together with my team, we developed the solution which was introduced in 2008 and stays on the market for many years.

By picking up a delicate toothpaste carton in the store, you can think about the packaging

The pro-ecological solution that reduces the impact on the environment reduces the amount of waste generated, and consciously manage their life cycle is a task in which you can count on me.

The packaging is needed, it helps in everyday life, gives a chance to store products, opens up the possibility of transport over longer distances, but also requires a responsible look at “it’s here and now” as well as – “somewhere in the future”.

And we can take care of this future together.

Adam Kaźmierczak