Project management and implementation

We have a decision, now you need to complete the packaging project as soon as possible, timing is a challenge, we cannot delay delivery to the market. “

I have encountered this situation many times in my career.  The long decision-making process, short period for implementation, time and market pressure … Add to this a lot of nuances, ambiguities, lack of data and … the project “stands” …

There is no knowledge of what actually should be provided, what technology. The struggle with time begins, the nervous search for answers to very basic questions, tasks overlap with other projects … During over 20 years of work, I have completed and implemented hundreds of projects- on all levels of multinational organizations.

Packaging – including new constructions, materials and suppliers. Mars bar packaging, Snickers, the first inside sticker in Poland for Milky Way, manual and machine folding packaging (SRP) as well as rigid plastic (i.e. bottles). I developed the SRP project for the Colgate factory in Brazil, implemented new laminates for the production of tubes as well as plastic components. An important part of my packaging experience are promotional solutions, where the number of projects carried out simultaneously increases the pressure for quick delivery.

I managed large projects covering a full spectrum of issues – from confirming production capacity in a new location, through financial aspects (in millions of EUR), investments and implementation of production in a new location.

Sourcing and investment projects including the relocation of production between defined factories. These types of tasks require the creation and close cooperation of the entire project team. My experience includes consolidating most of Europe’s toothpaste production in one location, relocation of mouthwash production, starting production of a defined portfolio through external manufacturing (contract manufacturing).

Quality improvement projects – in every production plant with the best described and defined process of cooperation with suppliers there are situations when you need to take decisive actions to improve or correct the quality of materials. Depending on what steps are taken, we can expect specific effects. Every day I used to deal with information so typical for the production processes -”It is the packaging’s fault” the packaging is to blame” and “this is all a machine problem” …

Both statements add little and certainly do not eliminate the problem. Thanks to my experience and packaging knowledge, I am able to help to quickly identify the source of the problem and define preventive actions for the future.

My 20 years of experience include:

  •         Hundreds of completed packaging projects.
  •         Dozens of technologies in supported production plants.
  •         Production relocations to and from Europe, implementation of contract manufacturing.
  •         Multi-million-euro investment.
  •         Cooperation with numerous suppliers and copackers.

This experience is also a guarantee that you entrust your project with safe hands.

Adam Kaźmierczak

Pro environmental solutions

From all sides, we get information about the harmful effects of plastic, the need to reduce emissions and live more “less waste”. All this is extremely important because of our environment now, but even more important for the future, that is, our impact on what will remain for the next generations.

Eco-friendly and conscious solutions include reducing the weight of packaging placed on the market, changing materials, using natural resources or, which is becoming increasingly popular – introducing reusable packaging.

In my career, I focus primarily on the first three areas; due to the specificity of the industry. Changing specifications, reducing weight, and introducing less energy-intensive packaging has resulted in several hundred thousand kilograms of reduction of packaging materials. 

Most kinds of toothpaste do not have corrugated shipping containers. How is it possible?

In order not to impact the logistics of the packaging, all elements of the “packaging-product mix” should be taken into account. By analysing the strength of individual packaging, adjusting the parameters of the collective foil and specific arrangement on a pallet, together with my team, we developed the solution which was introduced in 2008 and stays on the market for many years.

By picking up a delicate toothpaste carton in the store, you can think about the packaging

The pro-ecological solution that reduces the impact on the environment reduces the amount of waste generated, and consciously manage their life cycle is a task in which you can count on me.

The packaging is needed, it helps in everyday life, gives a chance to store products, opens up the possibility of transport over longer distances, but also requires a responsible look at “it’s here and now” as well as – “somewhere in the future”.

And we can take care of this future together.

Adam Kaźmierczak

Optimisation and cost saving

Business is money, packaging is a cost. Depending on the industry, packaging can constitute about 25-35% of the cost of the finished product. This is a lot. And the company is always under pressure to reduce this cost …

Optimization is included in the tasks of everyone who deals with packaging. Life shows, however, that time pressure, inability to check several options on the market, attachment to the current supplier and the use of old solutions makes the final solution is ok, but …

Packaging offers significant opportunities for implementing optimization processes and, consequently, for reducing costs. Due to my experience, I know that “post implementation review” sounds great, but it rarely happens in real life. The product life cycle indicates product implementation stage at the beginning, later an increase in results (usually related to market supply) and the satisfaction with results. After some time, it turns out that the margin drops, sales decreases and … the product requires revision, relaunch or cost optimization to stay on the market. In this situation, one of the mechanisms is packaging optimization.

Optimization of solutions

I know this phenomenon from my own experience. During the years of work for FMCG industry leaders, I (or my team) completed hundreds of projects, which on an annual basis achieved results reaching or exceeding EUR 3 million in annual savings … only in the area of ​​packaging. Such a result cannot be achieved through one project, which is why the task should be approached comprehensively, this is by the analysis of the current portfolio, price review, analysis of possibilities and invitation to cooperate with suppliers, and most importantly – the commitment of decision=makers. Without “OK to GO” there is no project.

And that was what I implemented by presenting projects to the Company’s Management and obtaining acceptance for activities that gave real money. I believe that to achieve savings, packaging cannot be torn away from business reality.

In a business that has a good view of the future and understanding of market reality, wide operation in the field of packaging, their optimization, portfolio revision and harmonization or reduction of unprofitable items – brings measurable benefits. Real and measurable. For many years I dealt with such action which brought measurable benefits to the Company, contributing to savings that were directly used to support promotion and sales.  Now I am ready to share my experience with you and help you to stop the “leakage” of money from your company’s budget. Big money …

Adam Kaźmierczak

Suppliers management and validation

The eternal dilemma at the beginning of cooperation. Is this really a good choice? Are our procedures appropriate? Will the new supplier work as expected? There is no big margin for intuition or assumption here. The implementation of a new supplier is a purely empirical process, based on facts, research, results and analysis. The methodical approach allows reducing business risk in the event of cooperation. And this is what a broadly understood “supplier management” is about. In my career I have implemented dozens of suppliers, I got to know the processes of many companies, mainly packaging producers, the vast majority of which are well organized and prepared for cooperation, with full documentation and a quality management system. However, as it turns out, this is not everything. You should make sure that the cooperation between the supplier and the recipient is fully intelligible. The supplier must have the clarity regarding specifications, quality requirements, packaging and logistics as well as order processing, deliveries, complaints or possible costs. I point this out based on my own experience when I questioned the quality of over a million packages (!) that in effect had to be sent back … Enormous costs for the supplier, the cost of not making production and downtime in my (then) Company, a very nervous atmosphere and a series of meetings at which the supplier escalated the problem and with the high-level representation tried to to challenge the specification. If the clarification of the “nuances of requirements” occurred at the beginning of cooperation, there would be no such tension. When introducing a new supplier, make sure you have good documentation that is easy to explain to your business partner. You should familiarize yourself with the quality system of the packaging manufacturer, conduct an audit, learn the production process and scope of tests (online and in the laboratory), determine the complaint process and what is very important-learn the weaknesses and strengths of all processes. Even for some people, such a prosaic thing as machine maintenance has a significant impact. Who performs them, at what frequency, or who ensures the continuity of the line’s operation.These hundreds of elements combined into one whole give a greater guarantee that we have the right business partner. Is it a 100% guarantee? – No. But it certainly reduces the risk. Especially after its good analysis and properly defined corrective actions.

Personally, apart from the “protocol” of visits to suppliers, I like to talk with production line operators. After a few sentences, I know if a person knows his job or is under high stress and not aware of base processes. Experience and professionalism – one can get to know and feel.

And I can offer it to you. Just talk to know it!

Adam Kaźmierczak

Outsourcing and interim management

Outsourcing is seen primarily as a necessity to commission other tasks unrelated to the Company’s operations. This happens in services, production, sales or the promotional industry. The same possibilities are in the scope of project preparation, management, implementation and modification of current solutions.

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to focus on the mainstream of your own business and outsource special tasks to those who are prepared to do so and have the right knowledge. Many times project is postponed due to lack of time, shortage of staff and equally often – lack of appropriate experience.

Entrusting me with tasks in the field of packaging development, project management, supplier management or implementation of new solutions – you can reduce your own cost, be certain of meeting the deadline and, what may be the most important – be sure to gain a broader view on a given area, and  have the opportunity to introduce innovations so necessary for business development . I give you a chance to approach the task differently, showing opportunities where they may not have been tested yet.

Outsourcing and temporary management is also a chance to act quickly in urgent situations. A longer absence of an employee can happen, but know you can be prepared for it, by knowing that there is someone who can help quickly. Cooperation with me also gives many opportunities. I am ready to provide support in a wide range of activities. Starting with project management, optimization of current solutions, sourcing projects through the team management and organization changes. I went through all these areas myself in my career, I know what to do.

A solution that is good for the company and provides support and continuation of necessary development can be found in every situation. I am ready to talk and determine the best method of operation.

Effectively, confidently and with the best result for your business.

Adam Kaźmierczak